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Your Comfort, Your Choice

Choosing the right firmness for your mattress is important. You will be spending around 8 hours a night on your new mattress, so you want to be comfortable enough to slip into a peaceful slumber. With the Tweak mattress, you have the choice of soft, medium or firm densities of foam on each side of the mattress, to ensure you both get the perfect night’s sleep.

How Will it Feel for Me?

It’s simple. To a lighter person, a mattress feels firmer than it does to a heavier one. This is why in the majority of couples at least one of you compromises on your mattress.
We suggest that to get the most out of your mattress, the heavier you are, the firmer foam you should choose.

Here's our suggestions:
Under 10 stone - Soft
10 - 16 stone - Medium
Over 16 stone - Firm

What kind of sleeper are you?

Another indication of which firmness is right for you is your sleeping position. As the surface area of your body changes, so does your perception of comfort. Here's a simple guideline to check which firmness will work best for you.

Side Sleeper - Your surface area is smaller, so you may feel more pressure on your hips and shoulders, making a softer mattress more appealing. Typically, a soft to medium mattress works best for side sleepers.

Back Sleeper - Lying on your back puts strain on your spine, which can cause pain. As a back sleeper, you will need more support than a side sleeper, so a medium to firm mattress would be ideally suited to you.

Stomach Sleeper - In this position the majority of your weight goes onto your torso, which again puts pressure on your spine. The key here is to ensure your mattress isn't too soft, or you may wake up with aches and pains. A firmer mattress will stop you from sinking in to a banana shape, and give you support.

What do you have at the moment?

It may seem like a silly question, but you know your body better than anyone else does. What comfort level is your current mattress? If it is firm and you feel pressure on your hips and shoulders, the chances are you need something softer. On the other hand, if you wake up achey and in a banana shape, your mattress is too soft and not giving you the support that you need.

These suggestions should give you an indication on which firmness you should choose. But if you're still uncertain, you can rest assured with the Tweak 100 night risk-free trial. At any point during your first 100 nights with your Tweak mattress, you can change your firmness level free of charge. Simply let us know the new foam density you require and it will be with you within 48 hours. We're dedicated to helping you both to achieve your perfect night's sleep.

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